Supporting Local fair trade around the world

Beautiful black embroidery on white scarf


Sabbara was established inside Syria in 2012 in response to the escalating war and its devastating consequences for families all over the country.

Mexican lady in traditional clothing claps hands


For thousands of years Mexicans have created colorful textiles, which originally identified the maker’s village or ethnic group.

Peruvian lady holds yarn


The indigenous weavers have long used the fleece from the alpaca that inhabits the high plateaus.

Eagle hunters on horseback in Mongolia


The heavenly beauty of the Altai Mountains seduces all those that dare explore it. Lying on the boundary between North and Central Asia.

Traditional designs


When in India, a workshop hidden deep in the bustling ancient streets of Jaipur is where you can find Beshlie at work with her master block printer and wood block carver. Beshlie has worked hard to revive the ancient and magical art of block printing,constantly pushing the boundaries of traditional block printing methods.

Nepalese lady walks along the road with goats


With its ancient culture and the Himalayas as a backdrop, landlocked Nepal in Southern Asia is one of the richest countries in the world in terms of bio diversity.