Tenate de Palma – Extra Large

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Oaxaca is the home to over 50% of Mexico’s Indigenous speaking population, it has desert, rain-forest, alpine forest and coast and there are 16 different indigenous language groups in Oaxaca, the largest of which are Zapotec, Mixtec and Mazateco.

The community of women of San Luis Amatlán, State of Oaxaca, have been palm weaving for generations. Their dreams, songs, and mixtec motives are woven into the creation of these versatile palm baskets. They have harnessed the skill of basket weaving through the generations. The palm is collected dried and then dyed. They are a small collective of 15 women who divide into small teams to travel to Oaxaca to sell their baskets.

Weight 300 g
Dimensions 32 × 32 × 36 cm


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