Block printed Warli cashmere shawl in a beautiful range of colors on a white base. An easy to wear shawl for all occasions. Pair with your favorite outfit.


Every Cashmere scarf from Beshlie is hand woven in-house and hand dyed.

Cashmere or the “Diamond fibre” as it is reverently referred to, comes from the finest inner wool of the chyangra goat (Capra Hircus). The Himalayas of Nepal have an extremely harsh climate, in order to protect themselves from such rugged mountain slopes, scarce vegetation and extreme weather conditions; they have developed exceptionally warm and light wool. This fine wool is extracted from their body either by combing or by cutting during January to February.

Possessing an exotically silky texture it appears weightless yet is super warm. Worn next to the skin, this grade of cashmere provides a unique experience which has been described as Sensual Sublimity by our ancestors.

It is whilst honouring these timeless traditions, that Beshlie has created a playful and unique twist to the humble cashmere scarf with her use of modern vibrant colours.

An eternal labour of love, a Beshlie scarf is anything but plain.