Alpaca hand woven scarf in beautiful neutral tones, made in one of the world's greatest textile producing areas, the Andean mountains. Fair trade scarves and shawls from Beshlie McKelvie.

Alpaca Shawls

For 3000 years, the Andean countries of Bolivia and Peru have been one of the world’s greatest textile producing areas. The indigenous weavers have long used the fleece from the Alpaca, a mountain animal that inhabits the Andean plateau at altitudes of more than 13,000 feet, and for generations the women of the region have wrapped themselves and their babies in hand loomed shawls created from the Alpaca’s wool.

Not only does the Alpaca’s fleece come in a great variety of natural tones, but the fibres also absorb dyes extremely well, resulting in bright and beautiful colours that reflect life on the altiplano. The wool is luxurious, light-weight and extremely soft. There is a wide colour range to choose from to suit both personal and seasonal tastes.

This is a fair-trade project that works closely with a co-operative of Aymaran women in and around La Paz, who are the bearers of this ancient skill. By buying from them, we ensure that this knowledge and craft is passed down to the younger generation, which in turn supports the wider community.